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We offer digital wheel balancing

Wheel alignment and digital wheel balancing

All fitted tyres are professionally balanced with the latest computerised wheel balancing machines. We also offer a wheel alignment and tracking adjustment service for our customers. Incorrect wheel alignment causes unnecessary and premature wear on your tyres, poor steering control and can increase fuel consumption. So, save money and drive safe with an annual wheel alignment check at Tyrecare.

Causes of wheel misalignment include:

  • Hitting kerbs

  • Driving at speed over potholes

  • Cornering at excessive speed

  • Faulty suspension system

  • Faulty steering components

Keep you, your passengers and your car safe with an annual wheel alignment check. Please call Tyrecare today on

Having your wheels correctly aligned improves road holding and will maximise the life of your vehicle' tyres.


We provide free wheel alignment checks and will only make a charge if an adjustment is required.

Call Matt or John today on 01527 875 210 or email us at info@tyrecare-bromsgrove.co.uk

Symptoms of wheel misalignment:

  • Uneven tyre wear

  • Inability of vehicle to drive straight

  • 'Crabbing'

  • Vehicle pulling to one side

  • Crooked steering wheel when being driven straight