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If your car or van needs servicing or repairs, please call Tyrecare today on

All makes and models welcome

Garage and motor services in Bromsgrove

Tyrecare will only replace parts that need replacing and we won't carry out any work until you have agreed to it first. All new parts are fitted by qualified motor technicians and come with a manufacturer's warranty. We can service and repair all makes and models of car and light commercial vehicle.

Our garage services include:

If you suspect that there may be any kind of fault or issue with your vehicle or if a warning light is showing on your dashboard, bring it to Tyrecare straight away.


Getting it looked at quickly could save you a lot of money in the long run.


We are experts at fault finding and fixing; using state of the art engine diagnostics equipment.

Call Matt or John today on 01527 875 210 or email us at info@tyrecare-bromsgrove.co.uk