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Close up of an exhaust blowing acrid smoke

Full and part exhaust systems

We test, repair and replace car exhaust systems

An underperforming exhaust system can result in reduced efficiency and can lead to other problems for your car. Tyrecare test, repair and replace part and full exhaust systems for any make and model of car and small van. As a stockist for Walker exhaust systems, we fit good quality exhaust parts at affordable prices, which all come with a manufacturer's warranty.

Does your vehicle need a new exhaust?

Does your car or van sound excessively loud? Have you noticed a drop in power? Do you smell exhaust fumes while driving?


If you answered 'Yes' to any of these questions, it could well mean that you need a new exhaust. Tyrecare offers full exhaust system checks and are happy to a fit full or part systems.


All of the exhaust pipes and boxes we fit come with a comprehensive guarantee from the manufacturer and Tyrecare take every care when fitting them.


If you think your vehicle's exhaust might be faulty in any way or you just want to be sure that it isn't, please call in at our garage/workshop and one of our experienced and trustworthy mechanics will check it for you free of charge.

If you are looking for top quality, full or part exhaust systems, please call Tyrecare today on

Call Matt or John today on 01527 875 210 or email us at info@tyrecare-bromsgrove.co.uk