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A mechanic using leads to jump start a cars battery that has gone flat

Standard and heavy duty batteries

Standard and heavy duty batteries in Bromsgrove

Is your vehicle difficult to start on colder mornings? Has the battery light lit up on your dashboard whilst driving? Both of these can be down to a faulty or failing battery. Bring your vehicle to Tyrecare and we can carry out checks to determine if the battery needs replacing or whether there is another cause. It could be that the alternator is faulty or the alternator belt needs replacing. We can find the culprit and the fix.

Not just car and van batteries

Over the years we have been asked for batteries for other vehicles not just cars and vans.


Motorbikes, mopeds, quad bikes, jet skis and even tractors are among these.


If we do not have the battery you require in stock, we are able to source it and have it within a few days.


We are always available to provide helpful and practical advice regarding which battery is the right one for your vehicle.


So, if you have any doubts or questions about battery choice, please feel free to call us.

For new standard and heavy duty vehicle batteries, call Tyrecare today on

Call Matt or John today on 01527 875 210 or email us at info@tyrecare-bromsgrove.co.uk